No new pages for next week.

August 25th, 2012, 11:15 pm

I'm going to Chicon 7 in Chicago to promote my adult/dark Science Fiction comic...Killjoy! I'm also going to be a panelist there for both the Euraka vs Warehouse 13 and Learning Disabilities in Fandom panels.

As far as the will there will be more gore and blood. I will not go half ass on it. So if gore is not your are in the wrong place. Don't expect the people/characters to hold hands and sing about world peace. (That won't happen anytime soon) The Aki (The cat creature that got blown to kingdom come) hate human beings and will sow the seeds of discord.

Page 6 will be done. I will redo some things in the cast page.
More sketches will come soon when I get time.

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